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8th April 2014

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I’m just curious.. let’s see how many people agree


Reblog if you’d still love your friend if s/he comes out for being gay, lesbian, bi, or any other sexual orientation that isn’t straight

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6th April 2014

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This is not my usual post. But it’s something I had to share. As you read this, imagine how your reaction would differ if this story were being told by a woman, talking about how her husband treated her.

I have been separated from my wife for over a year, though we continue to share a house. We live on separate floors. We share the house because we need to parent our son together, and because we can’t afford to maintain two households.

I’d like to tell you a story, illustrating one reason why I am divorcing her. This is an example of the treatment I have received over the past fourteen years.

This evening, while she was drinking her wine, my estranged wife took exception to the fact that I wanted to talk about how tense she’s been. She said she didn’t want to talk about it.

I left the room (so as to comply with her request).

I went upstairs to use our tiny guest bathroom. She began to yell and throw things around the kitchen, then eventually charged up the stairs and into the bathroom, just as I was finishing and getting ready to leave. She confronted me there, holding her half-full wine glass in her hand. Her voice got louder, her gestures wilder. 

She complained that I had upset her by wanting to talk when she had told me she didn’t want to talk. As I began to feel uncomfortable, I said, “You’re saying it’s my fault you can’t express your emotions responsibly like an adult?”

She said, “Yes!! It’s because you want to go off and take a vacation with your girlfriend!” Then she threw the contents of her glass in my face and smashed it against my bare chest.

The results are pictured here.

I stood there, with shattered glass at my feet, glass shards sticking in my skin, bleeding, for five minutes or so. I asked her to move so that I could leave. She waved the broken stem of the glass in the air and said, “Leave!! Who’s stopping you?”

I told her she was standing between me and the door. I felt threatened. 

She laughed and said, “You’re 6 foot 3 and 250 pounds! You can’t feel threatened by me!”

I said, “You just broke a glass on my chest and cut me. You’re standing there with the stem in your hands. Yes. I feel threatened.

She said, “No, you don’t.”

I asked her to move out of the way and let me pass. I didn’t want her to think I was pushing her or threatening her.

She held her ground, waved the broken stem and shouted, “Go on! Leave! I’m not stopping you!”

After I asked her repeatedly, she finally moved a bit and I left, carefully stepping over the broken glass.

I have posted this here as evidence, and to help those who may think that size and gender make a difference when abuse is concerned. People who, like my estranged, think some have permission to feel threatened and some don’t.

Abusers come in all sizes and genders.

She and I went to a half dozen therapists over the years. At each initial session, every therapist took a look at me, then at her (5’4” 150 lbs.). Then he or she would gravely ask my wife, “Do you feel safe?”

None ever thought to ask me.

Thanks for listening.

Because this needs to be shared. Because abuse is wrong no matter what. Because this saddens my heart.

honestly, fuck tumblr. if this was a woman this would be the only thing on my dash.

with that being said, fuck people who think that women are the only ones that can be abused in a relationship. and fuck crazy women, as well.

I agree full heartedly for reasons.

Reblogging this. Because seriously. Maybe it’s more common the other way around but it doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be taken seriously just because he’s a male who’s bigger.

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5th April 2014

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The glorious song from this scene:


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5th April 2014

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5th April 2014

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3rd April 2014

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↖The owner of this blog is too emotionally attached to fictional characters

3rd April 2014

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ive said this before but ariel didnt want legs to be with eric. ariel wanted legs before she ever saw eric. but ariel is smart as hell and saw that jackass had a statue made of him and thought “if im gonna do this im gonna do it right and marry rich” and you would ALL DO THE SAME

i feel like i’ve fought for justice and won

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2nd April 2014

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Scott McCall is what powers the sun! Scott McCall is what kitten whiskers are made from. When flowers bloom its because Scott McCall is near.
— Derek Hale (via captain-snark)

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1st April 2014

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Trans Woman Dares Bible-Quoting Councilman to Stone Her to Death

that’s fucking hardcore

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30th March 2014

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18th March 2014

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I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over Allison’s death because she will forever be a ghost in my heart. Whenever there is a scene of the pack saving someone, I will always be expecting to see Allison with her bow up. When everyone is getting ready for prom and Lydia is trying to pick out her dress, I will be seeing Allison right there beside her. When graduation comes and they are getting their diplomas, Allison will be the first one called. When Scott falls in love again, I will be okay with it because I know he’s going to end up with Allison in the end anyways. On his wedding day, Stiles will be by his side with his hands on Scott’s shoulders telling him to breathe as the music starts and Scott will look down the aisle to the opening doors and see Allison with Argent on her arm.

Allison Argent was the beginning of this show when she borrowed that pen from Scott and she will be a part of this show till the very end.

R.I.P. Allison Argent (1996 - 2014)

Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.

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18th March 2014

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"Watch Teen Wolf" they said, "it’d be fun" they said…


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18th March 2014

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One died for power. One died for love. One greeted death like an old friend.

18th March 2014

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okAY but can we just talk about this in the context of sexy sleepovers?  Like that time, after they’ve been fooling around for like weeks and weeks (okay 1.5 weeks) and they’ve done it a million times (okay, 4) and Derek has all these thoughts because Stiles is always tossing and turning and Stiles probably has PTSD after everything that’s happened and that’s fair but he clearly doesn’t trust Derek enough to sleep soundly in the same bed.  

Derek maybe says something about it, tentatively, over breakfast. “Didn’t seem like you slept that well,” and Stiles gets shifty, stares down at his fresh off the griddle waffles and avoids Derek’s gaze, because what kind of child can’t sleep without his pillow?

Okay then, Derek thinks, and pours two cups of coffee so he doesn’t have to look at Stiles either.

And after that, Derek’s bracing himself for Stiles to leave after sex, because if Stiles doesn’t want to sleep with Derek he should leave, but Stiles doesn’t. And Derek is confused, and he starts offering Stiles outs, like, “Hey, I know you’ve got plans with Scott in the morning—it’s fine if you want to take off.”

It isn’t fine.  But you can’t keep your sex partner hostage in your bed.

And Stiles thought he was pretty solid about what they were doing (dating, a whole romance thing).  But either he misunderstood and they’re just messing around or, even more horrifyingly, the sex isn’t really that great or the romance isn’t really that great for Derek, and he’s pulling back.  Maybe he’s changed his mind.  Because he clearly doesn’t want Stiles to stay.

nooooo don’t tell me about all their tragic misunderstandings and awkward overnights and maybe sometimes having sex in Derek’s roomy new Toyota which neatly avoids the sleeping part of the equation, only eventually solved by:

a) sleeping over at Stiles’s house that one time - “come on,” Stiles insists, thinking that if Derek bails now, this is it, this is it, he swears to God. ”Dad’s on an overnight, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think we’ve just been watching and rewatching The Avengers all this time,” so Derek reluctantly pulls the covers back up around them and watches, incredulous, as Stiles tucks one hand against the small of Derek’s back and drops off like a stone

or b) pack bonding, trip to the nearby state park for some full moon shenanigans, Stiles showing up at the McCalls with his latest bestiary and a fully charged computer and a sleeping bag and an overnight bag but not —- “Dude, where’s your pillow?” Scott asks, and Stiles makes the ‘shut up, shut up' face known to all best friends and/or siblings. “Left it at home,” Stiles says, and tries to shrug it off. “Dude, we'll swing back to your house before we get on the highway,” Scott decides, cheerfully and willfully oblivious. “Pillow?” Derek asks, or maybe Isaac. “Yeah, his pillow!” Scott says, while Stiles shoves his stuff in the back of Derek's car with everyone else's. “He can't sleep without it.”

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18th March 2014

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